With its Streets, Stone Houses, Surfing and Festivals...

Surfing and Festivals in Alaçatı


Alaçatı, within the borders of Çeşme, is at a distance of 70 kilometers from İzmir. It is neighboring Çeşme in the west and Urla in the East. Favorite beach of persons enthusiastic of surfing exists in 3 km south, and Ilıca exists in 2 km north.

Natural Resources and Agriculture...

The town has rich thermal resources due to the effect of extinct Karadağ volcano in the west. With minerals of various ratios it contains, thermal water is of beneficial and healing property.  Herbal baths prepared by thermal water and a mixture of special herbs are very good for bone, joint and skeletal system disorders arising from vitamin deficiency.

Especially olives, aniseed, onion, lemon and artichoke are produced in the soil of the region. You'll notice mastic trees under protection in Alaçatı.   

You can find Kapari plant, after which our hotel is named, and other healing herbs in abundance in nature. 

In the history...

ALAÇATI, of which name is 'Agrillia' in ancient period, is in the center of region starting from Gediz river and reaching to Büyük Menderes river which was named as 'Ionia' in Western Anatolian history.

In the early 19th century, during a storm, Hacı Memiş Ağa and boats of individuals of him shelters in a small port. Friendly and cheerful people of the region sincerely host these persons about whom the region's people don't know anything. This person they don't know is Architect Hacı Memiş Ağa who was assigned as grand vizier for a certain period of time. After a while, Hacı Memiş started works about draining the swamp which is the most important problem of the region.

 Swamp was drained with the help of Greek workers brought from surrounding islands, walls were built on riverbanks. Greek workers socialized with region people and settled into Alaçatı and they began agriculture appropriate to agricultural conditions provided by clean and windy air of the region. Vineyards were established, olive, fig, almond became green and scent of mastic clustered around. 

Produced date olive, raisin and almond were sold abroad via the port. Streets were formed where houses with stone walls, timber bay windows, hipped roofs lean to each other with joy. Neighborhoods were established. In those times, Alaçatı people did not only establish their life under the leadership of Hacı Memiş who sheltered in their port, but also they laid the foundation of a perfect town to which people come all over the world and leave with admiration.


  • Herb Festival (At the end of March), 
  • Lost Tastes (May), 
  • Kite Festival (April), 
  • Fish Festival (October), 
  • Wine Festival, 
  • World Surfing Tournament (August)

Surfing Paradise under the Wind...

It's a real paradise for surfing enthusiasts coming from all over the world with its port which does not experience any sea waves in spite of never-ending wind. Alaçatı rated with domestic and foreign tourists in 1990s. By passing slightly bumpy heights, you can find many calm bays. The coasts where you can watch colorful surfing sails every season experience most intense periods between April and November.