With its Streets, Stone Houses, Surfing and Festivals...

Shopping Pleasure in Alaçatı

Alaçatı's stone houses and narrow streets with cobblestone pavements create an enchanting atmosphere. Recently, these houses which carry the tiredness of history are restored one-by-one appropriate to their original form. Streets on which houses with stone walls, timber bay windows, hipped roofs lean to each other with joy also hold many artists within. You can attend ceramic, glass and art works in the art galleries and workshops.

A bazaar with many products is established on Saturdays. In this rich bazaar where tens of varieties of fresh vegetables and fruits are presented, you can meet many beauties from purple flowers of artichokes and crazy orange of zucchini flowers. You can find colorful needle laces embellished with local style, which are the hand works of women at the garment and domestic weave bazaar. 

Although Alaçatı is known by domestic tourists, it is frequently visited by one-day tourists coming from nearby Greek islands and especially from Çeşme's Sakız Island. It is possible to encounter a Greek tourist any hour of the day and everywhere. They especially show interest in Alaçatı bazaar.

Furthermore, especially inlaid house products from wedding chests and antique jewelry attract great attention at the bazaar at Mary Church and Mosque garden. While you're traveling down to Hacı Memiş on narrow streets of Alaçatı, you can shop at antique shops and boutiques. A small recommendation for you; go to bazaar on Saturday and buy sepet cheese, hammered olive, melon and lemon. 

Do not leave Alaçatı without trying lemon and black mulberry ice cream made with fresh milk under the historical mills, furthermore kumru made with bread dough special to Çeşme, and fresh boiled corn and pickle at Kemal Paşa Street...